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“Smith, I’m happy to report, distinguishes herself, she meets the considerable challenges of material with assurance and aplomb, so much so that any obsessing over age rapidly falls to the wayside.”

-- Textura

“The 16 year old Smith’s astonishing cello ensure that her second album is as emotionally intricate as it is musically dramatic.”

-- Goldmine Magazine, Dave Thompson

“These two young master players are clearly enjoying themselves… you wouldn’t guess her age from hearing her polished, accurate playing.”

-- American Record Guide

“This is good for your soul, I would say. Nicely performed and nice, very nice to have to hear repeatedly. Very recommended.”

-- Classical-Modern Music, Grego Applegate Edwards

FLAIR ALBUM “The proof is in the exceptionally mature grasp of the music… Miss Smith receives the spotlight in this release of recordings on the strength of her extraordinarily beautiful, vibrant tone”

-- Atlanta Audio Club

This is just what We needed – it was lovely – such a gift and so talented! the Inn At Lynden Washington ❤️🍃❤️

-- Meredith Moyer and Marilyn Boe - Lynden WA - The Inn - We will enjoy future concerts!

“The young cellist tackles their [the composers’] music with authority far beyond her years…an immensely gifted young cellist who has all the markings of a major artist.”

-- Music for All Seasons – Rafael de Acha

My wife and I were fortunate enough to hear Miriam last night playing the St.Saens cello concerto with the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra. She entertained us before the concert with the conductor with a discussion of how she chose the cello (she didn’t…her parents did) and how she is able to practice as much as she does and still have a life as a student and young teenager. She then performed the concerto with great poise and received an immediate standing ovation. She also gave us a brilliant solo encore, showing us a great range with a baroque piece. We wish her good luck in the future and hope to see her again as her career moves ahead!!!

-- Denning Smith - Concertgoer

“What a joy making music with the adorable and exceedingly talented Miriam Smith. Her playing is pure, touching, and innately expressive!!”

-- Jackson Leung – Director, Chamber Orchestra Wright State University

You are already an exceptionally talented young musician with a great future. You encourage all of us who know the beauty of classical music and especially the beauty of the cello.

-- Thomas Baker, Ph.D. – Founder, Global Music Awards

Both my husband and I had been delighted to hear Miriam play as she was the artist we invited for our Cincinnati Symphony Club Scholarship Dinner Concert in September. Many in our club were excited to learn that she would be playing for us again for our February meeting. Her maturity, style, expression and technique are well beyond her youthful age. Just listening to her bring such wonderful sounds and watch her so into what she is playing is truly a joy. As she continues to perform, that will be enjoyed by many for years to come. Wishing her well on a successful future ahead. Truly a gifted musician and cellist.

-- Rosalee Campbell (Mrs. Kenneth Campbell) - Cincinnati Symphony Club

I have heard Miriam perform twice now, once this past September and now at Symphony Club in February. In just a few short months, her playing has matured and her musical ability continues to soar. She is a delight to watch as her true emotion and expression adds to her dynamic performance. Her repertoire is very challenging for her young age. Miriam has such a bright future ahead of her. I’m very much looking forward to her next performance!!!

-- Sara Kieffner - Cincinnati Symphony Club

At her young age, she possesses an extensive repertoire, and is already a consummate, assured performer. Miriam’s presence on the stage is captivating with her sweet, demure appearance. Yet, this delicate presence can create heart-pounding power when an allegro agitato is demanded! Her sensitive fingering and graceful arm movements, and her facial expressions full of heartfelt absorption as she plays offer her audience magical views of musical art in motion. Audiences of all ages will appreciate seeing and hearing this lovely young lady in concert, as she progresses into that star-quality which is her destiny.

-- Gloria Metz

I am so grateful that God gave you such an immense talent and dedication to your gift, Miriam! You truly become one with the music, and you DO give everyone a spark — more than a little one!

-- Lorrie Coughlin - Music Director, St. Joseph Avon Lake

I saw your recital this past Friday and wanted to let you know that it was incredible seeing such a young and talented cellist!

-- Noam K.

As an audience member it’s rare to receive so much from a performer still at such a young age. Miriam is a connoisseur of emotion and you see it on her face as she brings you along on her journey, weaving through virtuosic runs and holding you with moments of exceptional beauty. The possibilities are limitless for Miriam and it will be exciting to see where her musical path will take her next.

-- Inga Olson - Sales Associate, Bein & Fushi

I would go so far as to say, I have never heard the depth of artistry at such an age.  Her command and control, her shaping of phrases, dynamic range, intonation are truly beyond her years.

-- Maestro J.R. Cassidy - Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, Music Director

I went to overture last night with my family I got to watch Miriam and she was AMAZING I have no word in my mouth right now she was so good. I can defiantly tell that Miriam had to practice at least 2 to 3 hours a day well when I heard she practiced 4 to 5 hours a day I was AMAZED, I play Viola myself and my GOAL is to practice at least an hour a day. I went and got to meet Miriam she is the nicest person on earth, I got her CD and she signed it. I put in my radio and slept to it I cleaned to it, her music is one of the kinds of music that just makes me happy.

-- K. Strong - Madison, WI